Post-truthing conservation – interview with Carina Wyborn

Interview with Carina Wyborn, Research Advisor at the Luc Hoffmann Institute, by Victoria Pilbeam, Masters student in Biodiversity, Conservation and Management at the University of Oxford. One of the biggest conservation challenges is how to translate what we know about the environment into meaningful action. In conservation circles, this is often discussed in terms of the ‘science-policy

Climate change, biodiversity and the peace process in Colombia

By Claudia Munera Roldan and Carolina Figueroa of the Luc Hoffmann Institute Conservation Futures project. In 2012 the latest efforts towards a peace process in Colombia began to put an end to a 52 year- conflict with the FARC. After lengthy negotiations, the Colombian Congress finally approved the peace agreement in December 2016. The uncertainty

Luc Hoffmann Institute Workshop

Enabling co-creation: aligning values, rules and knowledge

By Lorrae van Kerkhoff, member of the leadership team for the Luc Hoffmann Institute’s Conservation Futures project which helps protected area managers and agencies plan for future ecosystem changes. How do we improve? In the context of sustainable development, we continually confront the question of how we can develop meaningful and positive actions towards a

Do you speak lion?

In the 21st century conservations problems seem to be getting more complex and inter-connected, involving the interactions between both natural and social systems. One potential answer to addressing these problems is the more effective engagement of social sciences into conservation theory and practice but in a recent paper, Professor Bill Adams, Moran Professor of Conservation

And the cities rise up? – Reflections from Habitat III

By Luc Hoffmann Fellow, Fouad Khan Is this a line of participants trying to get in or a traffic jam? Is that a group of people holding an unofficial event on a flight of stairs, or a slum? Is that a kiosk to charge your cellphones or a grid station? The UN pavilion, is that