Past Fellows

Kien Van Nguyen

Kien's research focuses on water governance, agricultural and rural development and social resilience of the communities to flooding and climate change in the Mekong Delta.

David Gill

David works in the place-based conservation research programme on the SESYNC Pursuit: “Solving the Mystery of Marine Protected (MPA) Performance,” based at SESYNC in Annapolis,MD. This pursuit focuses on unravelling some of the underlying factors that contribute to the success of marine conservation activities.

William Kolby Smith

Bill is an ecologist with background experience in the application of global satellite data and ecosystem process models to large-scale climate, food, and energy issues.

Nyeema Harris PhD

Nyeema Harris

Nyeema research interests include: Protected area effectiveness at present and in varying future scenarios as well as investigating their influence on human welfare and conflict and exploring consequences of species loss in light of shifting spatial distributions, altering the persistence of biotic interactions and patterns of biodiversity.

Taro Mieno

Taro's career goal is to be a researcher with a particular focus on understanding the interrelationship between agriculture and the environment that lead to solving real world problems.

Alejandro Guizar-Coutino FELLOW

Alejandro is a climate change and development expert specializing in quantitative and qualitative data analysis by means of novel computational tools. His research interests relate to the interactions between climate, environment and society.

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