Louise Ann Gallagher

Louise Gallagher PhD

Louise Gallagher PhD

Research Programme Head

Louise is an environmental economist with broad range of experience in policy analysis, market transformation and environmental finance. Her technical expertise includes valuation of natural capital and environmental externalities and applying this information in decision-making. She holds a PhD in Environmental Studies specializing in environmental economics and policy from University College Dublin. Louise joined WWF in the Greater Mekong to lead the development of green economy in the regional programme in 2012.

She joined the Luc Hoffmann Institute to work globally on linking the best available science to better policy planning and more effective field practices in conservation. Previously she has worked for United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), UN Convention on Combating Desertification (UNCCD), the UK Environment Agency, and New Forests Asia Ltd.

Louise’s research interests lie in environmental governance and how environmental economics theory and analysis methods contribute to improved public policy in practice, including environmental and land use policy.


PhD, Environmental Studies. School of Geography, Planning and Environmental Policy, UCD Dublin , Ireland (2007).
MSc, Environmental Policy. Department of Environmental Studies, UCD Dublin, Ireland (2002).
BA (Hons), Geography and Economics. Faculty of Arts, UCD Dublin, Ireland (2001).


Peer reviewed journal articles

  • Peterson, A., Gallagher, L.A., Huberman, D. and Mulder, I. (2012) Seeing REDD: The Opportunities for a Carbon Sequestration and Biodiversity Conservation Double-Dividend through Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD), Journal of Sustainable Forestry, ISTF 2008 special issue, Volume 31, Issue 1-2 pp. 29-58
  • Trasande, L., Massey, R., DiGangi, J., Geiser, K., Olanipekun, A.I. and Gallagher, L. (2011) How developing nations can protect children from hazardous chemical exposures while sustaining economic growth Health Affairs December 2011 Vol. 30 (12):2400-2409
  • Gallagher, L. and Ferreira, S. (2010) Protest responses and Community Attitudes Toward Accepting Compensation to Host Waste Disposal Infrastructure (April 2010), Land Use Policy 27(2): 638-652
  • Gallagher, L., Ferreira, S. and Convery, F.J. (2008) Host community attitudes towards solid waste landfill infrastructure: comprehension before compensation, Journal of Environmental Planning and Management, 51(2): 233-257
  • Dunne, L., Convery F. and Gallagher, L. (2008) An investigation into waste charges in Ireland, with emphasis on public acceptability, Waste management, doi.10.1016/j.wasman.2008/07/0007

Book Chapters

  • Gallagher L., Norman, B. and Zuhelke, R. (2013) ‘Matching Supply and Demand in International Payments for Ecosystem Services (IPES)– The case of GreenPalm’ Chapter 9 in Bishop, J. and Hill C.J. (2013) Global Biodiversity Finance: The Case for International Payments for Ecosystem Services, Edward Elgar publishing. Available at: http://www.e-elgar.com/bookentry_main.lasso?id=15412
  • Peterson, A., Hill, C.J. and Gallagher, L. (2011) ‘“Balancing Biodiversity”: A Global Instrument for Meeting the 2010 Biodiversity Target’ in Köllner, T. Ecosystem Services and Global Trade of Natural Resources: Ecology, Economics and Policies, Routledge, UK: 225E241
  • Dunne, L., Convery, F.J. and Gallagher, L. (2006) Mobilising the market to reduce household waste going to final disposal in Ireland: A preliminary exploration. In M. Murphy (Ed.), The Cost of Waste Disposal, Sherkin Island Marine Station, Cork, Ireland, 2006:17-26

Policy research

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