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Future-proofing Colombia’s protected areas

“This project has been an invitation to think differently about protected areas – it can continue to be a powerful tool for the management of protected areas anywhere in the world.” These were the words of Luis Germán Naranjo, Conservation Director, WWF Colombia during the final leadership meeting of a Luc Hoffmann Institute project that

Thinking big – scaling up climate change adaptation

The interaction of climate change with other drivers of global change such as urban development and economic growth is aggravating existing risks to social and ecological systems and creating new ones. These risks particularly affect people whose well-being and livelihood depend directly on ecosystems such as oceans, forests and rivers and the services they provide.

How do we ensure that we can save species and biodiversity in a time of rapid climate and other transformative change?

That's the question this new research paper, co-authored by the Luc Hoffmann Institute's Carina Wyborn, asks, coming up with an approach to future-oriented conservation. Key themes of the paper include governance, knowledge, uncertainty, trade-offs and learning, with a focus on conservation needing to understand and engage with the politics that shape values, rules and knowledge.