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Climate change, biodiversity and the peace process in Colombia

By Claudia Munera Roldan and Carolina Figueroa of the Luc Hoffmann Institute Conservation Futures project. In 2012 the latest efforts towards a peace process in Colombia began to put an end to a 52 year- conflict with the FARC. After lengthy negotiations, the Colombian Congress finally approved the peace agreement in December 2016. The uncertainty

Global plant growth not keeping up with CO2 emissions

A recent study published in Nature Climate Change, led by Luc Hoffmann Institute Fellow William Kolby Smith, provides further clues on the interaction between atmospheric carbon and plant growth. Because plants need carbon dioxide to grow, scientists have expected rising atmospheric CO2 to substantially enhance plant growth, offsetting a portion of human CO2 emissions and,

Warmer nights due to climate change could raise the carbon content in the atmosphere

A recent study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, co-authored by Luc Hoffmann Institute Fellow William Kolby Smith, found insights about the variabilty in the terrestrial carbon sink of tropical ecosystems due to nighttime warming. Earth’s ecosystems absorb about a quarter of carbon from the atmosphere, and tropical forests account for about