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Dr David Gill - MPA LHI Fellow Alumni / Conservation International Fellow

Lack of staffing, funds prevent MPAs from realising full potential

Marine protected areas (MPAs) are an increasingly popular strategy for protecting marine biodiversity, but a new global study demonstrates that widespread lack of personnel and funds are preventing MPAs from reaching their full potential. Only 9 percent of MPAs reported having adequate staff. The findings are published in the journal Nature on March 22. MPAs,

Flowers near Camping ground 1 (as named by the expedition team). Juruena National Park, Brazil. June-July 2006.

Taking the future in hand – doing science differently

By Melanie Ryan, Capacity & Fellows Programme Lead, Luc Hoffmann Institute The sustainable future of our earth is in the hands of billions – the many choices and actions of these billions. As one of the seven billion (soon to be 10 billion!), what each of us knows, how we choose to act, the way

Giant frailejones cover the inmense "paramos" bordering La Planada.  Chiles Volcano area, bordering the Awa Reserve, Colombia.

New Luc Hoffmann Institute Fellowship – Conservation Futures

We seek a new Luc Hoffmann Institute Fellow to take a central role in an international transdisciplinary Conservation Futures project About the project The Conservation Futures project aims to develop new frameworks and processes that enable individuals and organisations to improve their strategic planning, specifically with regard to how they anticipate and respond to climate