Second World Forum on Natural Capital

The programme for the 2015 World Forum on Natural Capital was released this week.

Biodiversity and ecosystem services are often overlooked when decision-makers allocate land and water resources to economic and other activities. As humanity places increasing pressure on an unstable set of complex, interdependent systems, we need accurate information on how biodiversity and ecosystem services will change with human action. In effect, we must demonstrate the relevance of biodiversity in achieving social, economic and other environmental goals.

The World Forum on Natural Capital brings together business leaders, governments and experts from around the globe to examine the most up-to-date developments in this field, with a focus on managing risk and driving innovation.

Building on the theme “Solutions for a changing world”, this year’s edition is aimed at driving discussions among financial institutions, businesses and policy makers about the importance to take action to protect and invest in natural capital.

The 2015 World Forum on Natural Capital will take place in Edinburgh, Scotland 23-24 November 2015.

For more information, or to register as a delegate, please visit:

The Luc Hoffmann Institute is engaging in research to advance the use and impact of natural capital information in real world decision-making

Through our Natural Capital and Ecosystem Services research stream, our goal is to develop knowledge and products that better define, value and incorporate natural capital into decisions concerning poverty reduction, economic development and the conservation of biodiversity.

Examples of our projects include:

  • Developing food, energy and water security indicators that are transparent, transferable and scalable from local to global levels;
  • Analysing the risks associated with the food-energy-water nexus, river integrity and climate change interactions in the Mekong, and;
  • Supporting the Chinese government to establish a national park system by co-developing an approach for identifying park boundaries based on biodiversity and ecosystem services valuation.

Main image: 2013 World Forum audience / World Forum on Natural Capital

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