Vacancy: Project Consultant

A new part-time one-year Project Consultant role is now open at the Luc Hoffmann Institute, from 15 April 2019 to 15 April 2020. The position, based in Cambridge, UK, will require up to 10 days’ consultancy per month, depending on project activity.

The Project Consultant will be assisting the Luc Hoffmann Institute incubation activities on human-wildlife conflict, from fieldwork in Namibia to the development of an international standard on managing conflict over iconic wildlife. Many approaches exist for wildlife stewardship, but there is no widely accepted process to address human-wildlife conflict that incorporates different stakeholder values and helps navigate or resolve conflict between them. This exciting project seeks to address those gaps.

The environmental challenges we face today can seem daunting and intractable. How to protect the biosphere, balance the needs of humans and the natural world, and shape a sustainable future? These are complex, multi-faceted questions and we need to find better ways to answer them. At the Luc Hoffmann Institute we use our significant expertise and rigorous methodology to interrogate the most pressing threats to life on Earth. We believe that the best solutions arise from a wide range of disciplines, sectors and places so we bring these diverse voices together to turn ideas into tangible action and deliver cohesive new solutions.

Please note the deadline for applications has now passed.

Image by Chen Hu on Unsplash.

Luc Hoffmann InstituteVacancy: Project Consultant