We offer fresh perspectives on critical conservation challenges and help develop new solutions that deliver real, sustainable change.

Solving conservation challenges collectively

The environmental challenges we face today can seem daunting and intractable. How to protect the biosphere, balance the needs of humans and the natural world, and shape a sustainable future – these are complex, multi-faceted questions. We need to find better ways to answer them.

At the Luc Hoffmann Institute, we are dedicated to forging approaches that work. We believe that the best solutions come from collaboration between voices from a wide range of disciplines, sectors and places. Bringing these perspectives together, we rethink and reframe problems to deliver cohesive new solutions.

We use our significant expertise and rigorous methodology to interrogate the most pressing threats to life on Earth. Accompanying this are bespoke processes designed to help our partners integrate theory and practice, and turn ideas into tangible action. The result is a dynamic approach that enables people to build on each other’s contributions to the field, and jointly create the conditions to accelerate change.

The biosphere is made up of interconnected parts that work together as a system. Strategies for protecting the biosphere should be no different. By finding fresh perspectives, we can change how conservation is done today. By working together, we can protect the biosphere, for a world worth living in.

Read the summary of our 2017-2022 strategy.

Our Annual Report 2016-2017 outlines the achievements of the institute’s first phase under its 2015 strategy.

People are tired of the science and information overload. We need to forge workable solutions collectively with scientists, decision makers, implementers, business and communities, harnessing their diverse expertise.

Jon Hutton, Director

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