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What will it take to transform African agricultural policy?

By Melanie Ryan, Senior Programme Manager, Luc Hoffmann Institute Last month, a group of researchers and development experts met in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa to answer a challenging question. What will it take to turn research, money, time and expertise into policy changes that can manage social and environmental trade-offs in African agriculture? Current

Conservation Futures: Joining the dots

By Adrian Dellecker, Head of Programme, Luc Hoffmann Institute A recurring theme in the conservation world, particularly ahead of a renewed push to urgently reverse negative biodiversity trends, is that conservationists need to connect better with the ‘outside world’. This ‘world’ includes the numerous areas that impact and are impacted by conservation including economics, agriculture,

A roadmap to the future

How can biodiversity conservation accelerate at the pace needed to bring human society into balance with the natural world? What is the shared vision for what we want to achieve and what will help us achieve it? These were the questions facing a diverse group of people from conservation organisations, scientific institutions, academia and think-tanks

New study: Don’t equate size with impact for protected areas

As global efforts to expand Earth’s total area under protection ramp up, it’s critical to balance size-based approaches with a focus on conservation impact to ensure maximum gains for nature and the billions that depend on it. If unchanged, current priorities in protected area targets could lead to detrimental consequences for conservation, according to new