Luc Hoffmann Institute

Vacancy: research and projects coordinator

The Luc Hoffmann Institute is looking for a research and projects coordinator to help develop its new cutting-edge initiatives. The position will be based in the heart of Cambridge, UK, home to the world’s largest cluster of conservation organisations. The coordinator will support the research, implementation and monitoring of our programme. A major task will

Global protected area dynamics – new ways to measure change

Protected areas are a key conservation strategy and play a major role in addressing global environmental challenges. Recognising this, countries have committed to increasing global protected area coverage to at least 17% on land and 10% for marine by 2020. The most widely used tool to track progress on these commitments is the World Database

Future-proofing Colombia’s protected areas

“This project has been an invitation to think differently about protected areas – it can continue to be a powerful tool for the management of protected areas anywhere in the world.” These were the words of Luis Germán Naranjo, Conservation Director, WWF Colombia during the final leadership meeting of a Luc Hoffmann Institute project that

Realistic restoration – addressing stakeholder values

Countries have made ambitious commitments to restore vegetation on degraded land in the coming years. These include large-scale restoration projects such as the Atlantic Forest Restoration Pact and the United Nations Billion Trees Campaign. Careful planning and clear objectives are needed to ensure restoration projects can achieve their targets with the funds allocated but they

Understanding the science, policy and practice interface

Improving the relationships between science, policy and practice has been described as one of the critical challenges for sustainable development in the 21st century. The Luc Hoffmann Institute is one of a growing number of organisations seeking to transform conservation by building stronger relationships between these fields. It believes that collaborative research and decision making