Consultancy Calls – Luc Hoffmann Institute

The Luc Hoffmann Institute is transitioning to become a new entity, a Geneva-based foundation, with a new brand and name, Unearthodox.
You are warmly invited to continue the journey with us and visit our new website here:

The Luc Hoffmann Institute aims to be the world’s leading catalyst for innovation and transformative change to maintain biodiversity, the foundation of all life on Earth. We create the conditions for new approaches to emerge, identify and mobilise the most promising innovators and ideas, and provide a flow of impactful, de-risked and exciting initiatives for investors. Our passionate and open-minded team is dedicated to driving societal change for nature and people to thrive together.

We believe that the best solutions arise from a wide range of disciplines, sectors and places, so we bring these diverse voices together to turn ideas into tangible action and deliver cohesive new solutions. We sometimes work with project management or communication consultants to help deliver these projects and solutions.

There are no current calls for consultants. Please check back later and keep an eye on the Luc Hoffmann Institute LinkedIn page for future calls.