Kien Van Nguyen

The Mekong River Basin is one of the richest areas of biodiversity in the world and home to some 60 million people who rely on the river system’s abundant resources for healthy, affordable nutrition and earning their living. The health of this system is crucial to their future security, and to the economic development of the six countries that share the Mekong region: Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Thailand, China and Myanmar. With so much at stake, decisions about how best to manage the region’s natural resources and develop its economies need to be carefully made and evidence-driven.

Luc Hoffmann Institute fellow Kien Van Nguyen, PhD has joined the institute’s Navigating the Nexus project to contribute to sustainable development in the Mekong region.

As part of the project, Kien will research the impacts of development on human well-being, particularly the links between dykes and food supplies and nutrition in Vietnam; alternative irrigation systems and agricultural production, biodiversity, land, water and livelihoods in Cambodia; and dam projects and food security in Laos.

“Joining the Luc Hoffmann Fellowship programme gives me an important opportunity to contribute to future sustainable development of the Mekong region through leading research on water, food and energy connections in places where upstream dam development and climate change are increasing pressures,” Kien says.

Kien is Director of the Research Centre for Rural Development at An Giang University in Vietnam. His expertise includes water governance, agricultural and rural development, and communities’ resilience to flooding and climate change in the Mekong Delta. Kien received two scholarships from the Australian Government’s overseas aid programme, leading to a Masters of Environmental Management and Development, as well as a PhD in sociology, which he completed in 2012.


2012 PhD, Sociology, Australian National University.
2006 Master Environmental Management and Development, Australian National University.
2005 Graduate Diploma Environmental Management and Development, Australian National University.
2000 BS, Land Management, Can Tho University, Vietnam.


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