Promoting sustainability in Africa’s growth corridors

Balancing economic growth, social equity and nature conservation

Promoting sustainability in Africa’s growth corridors

The challenge

Growth corridors are hubs where natural resource-based industries like agriculture and mining are being developed to boost economic growth. Large-scale industrial infrastructure in these new hubs where land has remained largely undeveloped until now will affect local communities and the health of ecosystems.

One of the biggest challenges in ensuring that the economic growth associated with these corridors is ‘green’ and the benefits shared across all levels of society, is how to address equity in the trade-offs between economic and environmental outcomes.

The response

Using the Southern Agricultural Growth Corridor of Tanzania (SAGCOT) as a pilot location, a project led by WWF Tanzania, WWF Germany and the Luc Hoffmann Institute, working with the SAGCOT Centre, has assessed the type of framework for ‘equitable green growth’. Given the importance of water to agriculture and its role in either enabling or constraining growth, the framework centres around trade-offs in water consumption.

The SAGCOT framework is being used to bring key stakeholders to the table to discuss links and dependencies between sectors around the flow of ecosystem services. The replicability of this approach in other African growth corridors will then be assessed.

SAGCOT is one of three agricultural growth corridors developing in South-eastern Africa. With the project supporting the SAGCOT Centre with concepts, processes and tools to deliver equitable green growth, the Centre will be in a better position to manage the difficult trade-offs between conservation, livelihoods and economic development.

The impact

The objective is to build the expertise of the SAGCOT Centre to become a key reference point and facilitator during the roll-out of region-wide investment in other African corridors.

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Luc Hoffmann InstitutePromoting sustainability in Africa’s growth corridors