Innovative business models for life on earth

With more and more companies striving for impact, and non-profit organisations seeking more sustainable revenue models, the lines between the business and non-profit sector are blurring. What new sustainable business models will emerge for non-profits and impact-driven enterprises to deliver lasting and effective impact?


Drawing from new ideas and new networks that grew out of a November 2018 convening, the Luc Hoffmann Institute has begun incubating a number of initiatives that make use of innovative business models to deliver environmental gains. The institute is always scouting for bright minds and ideas, and helps connect new approaches together. With its incubation model, the institute works with innovators in both non-profits and impact-driven enterprises to transform good ideas into concrete solutions for nature and people.

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November 2018

The Luc Hoffmann Institute publishes a thought piece by Judith Sanderse, PhD candidate

New horizons for non-profit business models

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November 2018

The Luc Hoffmann Institute facilitates a convening on innovative business models for non-profits and social enterprise.


September 2019

The Luc Hoffmann Institute and WWF-Norway engage with and challenge innovators directly at the Business of Conservation Conference in Africa. Ideas and leads are gathered to include in an upcoming analysis publication.


A new generation of sustainability-minded entrepreneurs emerges and fundamentally transforms the way society values and conserves nature.

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