Luc Hoffmann Fellows reflections on the passing of Luc Hoffmann

For environmental scientists, there are few people as inspiring as Dr. Hoffmann; a passionate and visionary scientist and philanthropist  who committed both his personal and professional life to nature and conserving biodiversity.  As Luc Hoffmann Fellows we can look back at Dr. Hoffmann’s life to understand how our own passion for science might be used to make a difference in the world.  

His vision foresaw a collaborative space where scientists from different backgrounds would be able to learn and work together. This kind of collaboration has the potential to tackle and challenge some of the most difficult conservation challenges of our time; not only through new knowledge, but also through partnering and working alongside those who take action to address them.  

Dr. Hoffmann believed in investing in areas that matter, and one of the core pillars of the Luc Hoffmann Institute is to build capacity in the regions of the world where conservation is most needed. The Luc Hoffmann Fellowship was created with a hope to strengthen the ability of individuals working on some of the most challenging conservation questions of our time. Ultimately, the Institute was established with the belief that change is possible. Reflecting Dr. Hoffmann’s own humility, the Fellowship programme recognises that no one can tackle these challenges alone and fosters collaboration across boundaries.

His loss is a sad moment for the conservation world. As Luc Hoffmann Fellows, it is a privilege for us to continue his unique and inspirational legacy, to carry on the unerring persistence that characterised his work to realise his ideas and do our best to make change in our world, as he would have hoped for. We have a responsibility to continue building capacity in our networks and communities, to inspire others and commit to seeking innovative approaches to solve the challenges ahead.


Our condolences go out to his family and friends


David Gill, William (Bill) Kolby Smith, America (Paz) Duran, Jonathan Green, Claudia Munera, John Garcia-Ulloa, Fouad Khan, Kien Van Nguyen & Siyuan He

Luc Hoffmann Fellows, 2016

Main image: © Isaac VEGA / WWF