We connect science and scholarship to decision-making

At the Luc Hoffmann Institute, we construct collaborative research projects that builds the knowledge and expertise necessary to conserve ecosystems and biodiversity while enhancing human well-being.

We support conservation science that draws on a broad array of social and biophysical science disciplines as well as the knowledge and experience of conservation practitioners, and policymakers.

Our expertise is concentrated around three key research areas. We work with partners to produce evidence-based tools, methods and solutions to critical conservation problems. We bring our expertise in data science, economics, social sciences, and biophysical science to each project we take on.

In dozens of projects around the world, we work with our partners to strengthen the evidence base for decision-making in business, policy, and practice. Our work includes:

  • developing systematic, comprehensive knowledge;
  • establishing tools and standards to integrate stakeholder knowledge into evidence-based decision processes;
  • exploring the opportunities and limitations associated with conservation interventions.

Our growing network of established conservation scientists, Luc Hoffmann Fellows, and policy and practice experts are our greatest resource.

Main image: Planting pine trees, Rwenzori Mountains, Uganda. Photo © Simon Rawles / WWF

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