Anca Damerell

Head of Programme, Ad Interim

Anca is an interdisciplinary scientist and practitioner with a background in economics, social science and complex environmental problems. She has held various science, policy and practice roles across a range of sectors including NGOs and international institutions, such as the European Parliament.

Anca has been working with the Luc Hoffmann Institute since 2018 to help develop and assess new ideas and approaches for transformational change. Based in Cambridge, she is also a member of the UN Environment – World Conservation Monitoring Centre, Science Team.

Anca is interested in contributing to the development of projects and partnerships that tackle wicked conservation problems using systems thinking, convening and co-creation to incubate and accelerate new ideas and approaches that will deliver significant gains for biodiversity. Anca believes that recognizing all kinds of diversity, including gender, age, geography and indigenous people’s knowledge, and harnessing a broad range of human talent are key to enabling meaningful discussions.

In her spare time, Anca is an expert evaluator for the European Commission and a board member of a Romanian environmental NGO centred on the conservation of old-growth forests, that she helped set up in 2009.

Anca holds a PhD in Geography from the University of Cambridge, a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Economics from the Academy of Economic Studies, Romania and Université d’Artois, France, and a Master’s in Environmental Protection from the University of Edinburgh

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