Edward Perello

Edward Perello

Associate Director for Agriculture, Deep Science Ventures

Edward Perello is the Associate Director for Agriculture at Deep Science Ventures, , where he builds and invests in new companies delivering food security and biodiversity outcomes. He is also the Principal Researcher for Arkurity, a consulting firm conducting research on public policy challenges in synthetic biology, conservation biotech and biosecurity.

Edward’s research has focused on the oversight of genome editing, state and non-state actor development of biological capabilities, and the application of synthetic biology to ecological challenges. He currently serves on the IUCN Task Force on Synthetic Biology and Biodiversity Conservation, and is working with conservation groups to realise new opportunities for biotechnology in ecosystem restoration.

Edward previously founded Desktop Genetics, a CRISPR biotechnology company, and served as Chief Business Officer for six years. Edward co-chaired the iGEM software committee for two years and is an alumnus of the ELBI biosecurity and SynBio LEAP fellowships. He was a Research Fellow at George Mason University, where he worked on security policy for genome editing tools.

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