Agnes Schneidt

The Luc Hoffmann Institute is transitioning to become a new entity, a Geneva-based foundation, with a new brand and name, Unearthodox.
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Agnes has lived and worked across continents, which has given her a better understanding and appreciation of diverse perspectives from people with various cultural and socio-economic backgrounds. Agnes sees her purpose as a listener, interlocutor and to a certain extent, enabler, which sometimes means taking a backseat.

Agnes is passionate about serving nature and people with empathy. She has worked on environmental protection and regeneration in different capacities in the humanitarian, development and private sectors. She joined us from UNHCR’s Innovation Service, where she was responsible for Energy, Environment and Climate Action as well as Foresight. She further contributed to the work of UNHCR within the Digital Inclusion and Communicating with Communities spaces. Prior to her six years with the United Nations, she worked for the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ). Her professional experience with GIZ included advisory roles in Green Economy with the Philippine Department of Trade and Industry and in Green Economic Development with municipal authorities and indigenous people’s groups in the Guatemalan highlands.