Carole Cassidy

The Luc Hoffmann Institute is transitioning to become a new entity, a Geneva-based foundation, with a new brand and name, Unearthodox.
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Carole is an integrated communications specialist, experienced in leading creative and innovative campaigns to influence behavioural change. During the past 8 years, she has worked across PR, advertising, social media, integrated communications strategy, partnerships and relationship marketing. With an agency background, her work has spanned a variety of sectors including NGOs, corporates and government. 

Carole is driven by helping to shape and influence discourses on social and environmental issues. She has previously worked for WWF-UK in a global capacity on the HSBC Water Programme and on the award-winning Our Planet series with Netflix and Silverback Films.

Before joining the Luc Hoffmann Institute, Carole worked for a youth charity, The Prince’s Trust, in Wales, where she led on major donor philanthropic fundraising initiatives for a year.

Carole holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Sussex in International Relations and Anthropology. She is passionate about people, cultures and the environment – and enjoys engaging others on how the three are intrinsically connected, celebrating the diversity of humanity and our natural world.

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