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For over 60 years, Dr Luc Hoffmann helped catalyse  new ideas and effective approaches to nature conservation, bestowing the institute with a strong lineage based on partnership and the arts of convening, connecting and incubating.

Today, the Luc Hoffmann Institute follows the principles of systems thinking, convening and co-creation to incubate and accelerate new ideas and approaches that will deliver significant gains for biodiversity. Successful specialist incubators are also thought leaders. The Luc Hoffmann Institute prides itself on cutting-edge thinking: we understand that the debate around biodiversity and its conservation/future needs to evolve to create the conditions for change. We create space to (re)define key issues and questions and set them up in a way that allows society to engage with them. We draw on our extensive experience to facilitate complex conversations by convening a wide range of stakeholders on innovative topics. This helps us to accelerate the innovation agenda, identify promising new approaches and solutions and convert them into concrete action. Convening in this way also allows us to generate the high-quality networks that are essential to launch effective, high-impact ideas.

“Conservation is not the protection of nature against human development but the preservation of life-supporting systems and processes as a basis for a lasting development.” – Luc Hoffmann
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Dr Luc Hoffmann (1923 – 2016)

“Conservation is not the protection of nature against human development but the preservation of life-supporting systems and processes as a basis for a lasting development.”
– Luc Hoffmann

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Meet the team and council

At the heart of biodiversity is diversity itself. The Luc Hoffmann Institute and its Advisory Council believe in fostering open and respectful dialogue between people from a wide range of disciplines, sectors and backgrounds. The institute creates an environment that facilitates interaction and encourages new thinking for true co-creation, innovation, and radical systems change. The natural world is made up of diverse, interconnected parts that work together as a system. Strategies and people protecting it sustainably should be no different.


The institute’s passionate and open-minded team is dedicated to driving societal change for nature and people to thrive together. Its diverse backgrounds and ways of thinking form an ecosystem comprising: strategy, systems thinking, conservation, sustainability, policy, ecology, communication, advocacy, facilitation, change management, business, law, and the social and natural sciences.

Meet the team

Advisory Council

The Luc Hoffmann Institute Advisory Council helps guarantee the institute’s integrity and independence. Comprising diverse expertise in relevant fields, the principal functions of the council are to:

  • provide timely, strategic, independent advice and guidance to the institute.
  • participate in quality assurance activities associated with the institute’s work.
  • help ensure that the institute’s portfolio remains independent and true to its vision and mission.
  • promote the institute and its work within WWF and amongst other networks.

Meet the advisory council


The Luc Hoffmann Institute Associates are a diverse group of people drawn from a range of backgrounds and life experiences, and from across sectors and disciplines. They form a vibrant, global community of aspiration, identifying, contributing and responding to emerging solutions for societal change that strengthens the wellbeing of nature and people.

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