Shareholder activism for sustainability


The issue

Shareholder activism, the practice of shareholders purposefully exercising their rights as owners to influence a company’s decisions, has recently made headlines and is being increasingly used to change corporate behaviour. Much of this publicised activism has focussed on issues of governance and short-term economic gains, with significant implications for environmental sustainability.

Some investors and other activists, usually local and small in comparison, have also been engaging companies on environmental issues, with concrete results. However, these efforts are usually too diffuse and small-scale to outweigh the effects of larger activist activities, or achieve environmental sustainability at the pace and scale required.

Project goals

Our project aims to convene top-class thinking and practice on the issue of activist shareholding and the environment. It seeks to support new networks for collaboration and research, increase information sharing on existing and emerging ideas and promote best practices on shareholder activism for sustainability for a global impact.

For more information please contact:

Adrian Dellecker, Head of Programme, Luc Hoffmann Institute

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